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Title: Disappointed9/29/2016 5:16:46 PM
We have patronized your restaurant for 15 years. The past three or four orders have been messed up or the quality of vegetables has been very poor. My order is always the same. Tonight I ended up paying for two entrees that I did not order. I paid $30 for food I cannot eat (plus $10 toward your son's school fund raiser). My husband called to tell you, and you would not apologize or offer my meal free next time. Very disappointed in a place that I loved and do not feel welcome at anymore.

Title: Trilby McIntosh5/7/2016 1:02:03 PM
I love your web page but you need more photographs of your food so we know what we are ordering.

Title: 2018/8/24 15:32:05
Please add a description for the entries. I have no idea what is in a "Happy Family" etc.

Title: 2018/5/11 9:30:16
How do I order online?

Title: 2018/2/3 18:25:51
Hello. We love ordering your food but tonight, I ordered sweet and sour shrimp but received sweet and sour chicken that was overcooked. I am so sad....

Title: 2018/11/8 11:53:54
We have been coming to your restaurant for at least 10 years or more.Ordered house mei fun the other day. ALL noodles, very little meat/protein and NO sauce. Egg rolls are not as good as they used to be. Been disappointed the last few times I have purchased food there. Kept thinking maybe it was just a bad day. Sorry to say, my last visit.

Title: 2018/10/17 17:36:25
I ordered food tonight on 10/17/18 and I ordered the H12. I got my food and there were water chestnuts in it when the description in the menu said nothing about water chestnuts. Very very disappointed.

Title: 2017/11/27 16:39:37

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